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SFCC Atlanta Host Fulton County Juvenile Justice Probation Chief!

by on March 17, 2014


This month our Coalition meeting will feature a presentation by Fulton County Juvenile Justice Center Probation Chief- Mr. Adolphus Graves. This event will highlight the Juvenile Justice Codes within the context of ‘securing the educational pipeline’ otherwise known as the critical issue-school to prison pipeline that plagues so many of our youth.


He will share with us how we can secure the educational pipeline under the revised Juvenile Justice Codes:

  • How to work within CHINS protocols (i.e. plan development, Anger Management, Family Counseling, Mental Health)

  • Where are the Gaps? How can ‘Service Providers’ secure those Gaps?

  • Data- Receive current data on youth coming into system (i.e. Probations numbers, Suspensions, Drop-outs, School based arrest)

  • Learn about the Council on Criminal Justice Reform Recommendations- Includes thoughts from JJC Probation

  • How to become listed in the official SFCC-Atlanta/JJC Probation  ‘Service Provider Resource Directory’

This is a ‘Learning’ & ‘Action’ event.  Learn about the real time challenges and opportunities within the current Juvenile Justice Codes and how we can work effectively together in the service of our youth and community at-large.  Prepare yourself for the newly released White House Initiatives: ‘My Brother’s Keeper,’ White House Initiative on Educational Excellence on African Americans’ and many more…

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