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SFCC Atlanta’s Alan J. Inman, appointed new Global Peace Foundation – USA President

Alan PixThe Global Peace Foundation today named Alan J. Inman as new President of Global Peace Foundation USA (GPF-USA). Outgoing GPF-USA President James Flynn has been named the new international president of Global Peace Foundation

Mr. Inman previously served as National Director for the Institute for Responsible Fatherhood, where he led the development of programs in eight U.S. cities. Mr. Inman also served as Executive Director of Minority Alliance International, a New York based civil rights organization; as a consultant to the City of New York; and as chairman of a New York City Community Planning Board.

He has been a candidate for the New York State Assembly and a Presidential appointee to the White House Domestic Advisory Council.

In a statement, GPF President James Flynn said Mr. Inman brings a record of commitment to American families and communities that will significantly advance GPF-USA’s mission to foster a culture of peace.

“Alan is not only passionate about the welfare of our communities, but also a person of vision and boundless optimism. American families today face difficult social and economic stresses, and Mr. Inman will be an eloquent and effective advocate as GPF-USA’s new President.”

Mr. Inman most recently assisted in the development, strategic planning, and coordination of Strengthening Families and Communities Coalitions (SFCC) in Atlanta, New York, Denver, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. GPF-USA is a convening partner of SFCC.

GPFF-USA Urban Initiatives Represented at White House Forum

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A select group of urban development innovators from across the country, included GPFF-supported Leadership Academy and Strengthening Families and Communities Coalition, met with Obama administration officials on August 27, 2012.
The Forum on Urban Innovators, hosted at the White House, highlighted new partnerships and approaches that are improving families’ lives and economic prospects in the nation’s cities, where many neighborhoods have struggled with endemic poverty and economic immobility for generations.
“Today, many of our cities are growing at a faster rate than our suburbs – a phenomenon we have not seen since the 1920s,” stated a memorandum from the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation, which hosted the forum in coordination with the Office of Urban Affairs and Economic Mobility and the Office of Public Engagement. “To help rebuild an economy built to last, we will showcase new partnerships and models that are solving old problems by leveraging human and financial capital to improve families’ lives and economic prospects. These innovations exemplify the goals of the Administration and the best of American ingenuity in creating jobs, improving economic resilience, and strengthening communities.”
Jonathan Greenblatt, the Director of the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation, welcomed forum participants from throughout the United States and encouraged them to explore ways to capitalize on those innovations.
The Administration’s perspective was framed by Cecilia Munoz, Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, and Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for the Office of Public Engagement, who emphasized that every American should have opportunities and pathways for real advancement.
Representing the Leadership Academy and Strengthening Families and Communities Coalition, at the forum were Dr. Tony Devine, Alan Inman, Pamela Perkins, David Payne and Carol Osborne. The team participated in both the general session and breakout workshops throughout the day.
“This White House initiative was both timely and relevant,” said Strengthening Families and Communities Coalition Director Alan Inman. “We were proud to represent not only our organizations but the partners and stakeholders that are working diligently to make a real difference for families in the Greater Atlanta community. We all look forward to the next steps that we were assured would come by the White House officials.”

SFCC Atlanta launches a new two-part Professional Development Conference!

Mr. Kevin Monroe

Mr. Kevin Monroe

On Tuesday, July 24, 2012 Strengthening Families and Communities Coalition will launch part one of a two part ‘organizational visioning & innovation’ training workshop.  SFCC Atlanta PDC part one will feature facilitator, Managing Partner and Founder of X Factor Consulting, Mr. Kevin Monroe.  Mr. Monroe is a recognized leader in helping nonprofits build sustainable organizations and programs. He is a popular keynote speaker and communicator on the principles and practices that promote sustainability. His mission is to unleash the potential of leaders and maximize opportunities for them and their organizations to make the world a better place.  He has worked with various non-profits, state and federal agencies such as:  ACF, SAMSHA, Future Foundation and Foundation Center where he is a board member to name a few.  Mr. Monroe will highlight ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ approach with the following learning objectives:

• Experience a community impact planning process based on the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). AI is a positive approach to community change that strengthens a coalition’s capacity to apprehend, anticipate, and heighten positive potential.

• Describe the desired future SFCC seeks to create for the communities and citizens it serves.

• Assess the current vision and mission statements of SFCC and adjust as necessary.

• Define the values that guide SFCC to fulfilling its vision and accomplishing its mission.

• Identify the unique contribution of each committee to the overall SFCC vision and mission.

• Recognize the value and contribution of each committee to accomplishing the mission and fulfilling the vision of SFCC.

• Recognize the increased potential of collective impact in SFCC communities by uniting the efforts, assets, and resources of coalition members through collaborative community efforts and actions.

SFCC Atlanta Professional Development Conference part two will feature Dr. Kelly Hill of Nexus Research Group. Dr. Hill will take our Partners through a training sequence in ‘evaluation readiness.’

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SFCC Atlanta National Field Director, Alan J. Inman takes the 5 Family Crisis issues to heart in his latest publication, The Colors of Love.

Mr. Inman allows the world to take a glimpse into the family origins, family dysfunctions, as well as, the family triumphs in his debut book, The Colors of Love.  Illustrating that no Black family is exempt from some the common issues pertaining to youth violence, economic development, family health, school dropout and teen pregnancy and its impact on the number of female led households. We are given as comfort words of wisdom that have truly stood the test of time.

The Colors Of Love
Treasured Wisdom On The Family

Alan J. Inman debut book, “The Colors of Love”


Written by Alan J. Inman
Edited by Dr. Frank Kaufmann, Values in Knowledge Foundation
Foreword by Dr. Harold D. Trulear, Howard University Divinity School

The oral traditions of African people create a living matrix, an organic web of interconnections between past and present, allowing an immediacy of experience even of events long past. In “The Colors of Love“, Alan Inman explores golden nuggets of family wisdom passed down from the giants of history and from great men and women of the present day. In contemplating how these inspirations and directions have supported and illuminated his life, Alan remembers how love came into and colored his own life, through powerful family relationships. As Alan examines how the strengths and weaknesses of his own family colored his life and shaped his path, he shows us how the wisdom of the ages, the words and stories passed from generation to generation, can provide a solid foundation for a life well-lived, brilliant with all the colors of love.

Paperback and Kindle edition now available on Amazon
Paperback available at Barnes and Noble
(Note: Barnes and Noble accepts PayPal as a payment method)
PDF eBook available at Outskirts Press Publishing


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On December 13, 2011, Asst. Dir. Shelton visits Strengthening Families & Communities Atlanta Coalition Meeting to meet various Partners and hear from its Committees.  Accompanied by Director from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Mr. Eskinder Negash, Mr. Shelton listened eagerly as Senator Jones and Carlis Williams welcomed and opened the Coalition meeting facilitated by Alan J. Inman (SFCC).  The meeting began with a report on the Professional Development Conference illustrating the information sharing component of the SFCC Atlanta organizational pillars.   Committee report highlights include:

Economic Development/Financial Literacy-

Collaboration between SFCC Atlanta Partner, Al Duncan Enterprises, Monster Worldwide and Bank of America enabled Al Duncan Enterprises to provide financial literacy training for 285 high school students in Atlanta.


Youth Violence Prevention-

SFCC Atlanta Partner initiates campaign to obtain 100,000 signatures on the Metropolitan Atlanta Violence Prevention Partnership (MAVPP) Peace Plan.  The MAVPP Peace Plan is an overall plan of violence prevention initiated in six counties in the Metropolitan Atlanta area to provide a road-map for collaboration and service delivery of evidence-based and innovative violence prevention practices.


Asst. Dir. Shelton was impressed with the work of SFCC Atlanta and concluded his message with the following sentiments:

“You don’t know what you have here (SFCC Atlanta Coalition) anytime you have organizations ready to present their resources to work on common initiatives is powerful.”





SFCC Atlanta Professional Development Conference a Great Success!

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On November 7, 2011, Strengthening Families and Communities Coalition Atlanta under the leadership of Mr. Alan Inman, co-chaired by Ms. Norma Barnes and Nancy Johnson hosted the Professional Development Conference for its Partners.

The event began with a warm ‘Welcome’ from SFCC Atlanta conveners, the State of Georgia’s Black Legislative Caucus Chairman, Senator Emmanuel Jones and Administration for Children & Families Southeast Regional Administrator, Ms. Carlis Williams. Fueled by a deep desire to give back to its membership, the Professional Development Conference was designed to include both hard and soft skills training featuring workshops that addressed: Program Evaluation, Grant Writing/Fundraising, Social Media/ Marketing, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution and Time Management. In addition, there were two plenary sessions: Effective Collaboration and Principles of Organizational Mission & Values.

The high spirited event received great feedback from its participants.

“I found the workshops to be very informative and I can’t wait to take what I learned today back to my organization.”    – Roderick Cunningham (Beverly Cunningham Outreach Program)

“As a Presenter, I was pleased to find the overwhelming interest among the leadership of various organizations present at the PDC. The workshops were not hum-drum at all… participation among Attendees was great. I also had an opportunity to sit in on other presentations and I couldn’t believe all the relevant information being relayed.”                                     – Jahi C. Muhammad (S.I.L.C.)

The resounding response was, “We can’t wait until next year’s conference!”