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Co-chairs: Dr. James Griffin, Gwen Sands, Stella DuBose


The Violence Prevention Committee’s vision is a violent-free metropolitan Atlanta. It will build on what already exists within the Metropolitan Atlanta Violence Prevention Partnership (MAVPP) by focusing on street/youth violence, gang violence, interpersonal relationship violence and school violence. Already, the MAVPP has identified programs and categorized them according to the different types of violence they address and specific age groups they are appropriate for.
A significant aspect of the committee’s strategy is youth involvement. The committee is working to galvanize youth into action against violence to replicate the momentum of the Civil Rights Movement. In November, it will hold a Youth Think Tank Retreat to begin this process. As well, it hopes to research and conduct an ongoing needs assessment using data from OASIS and other sources, develop a long-term plan for an integrated management information system, include additional organizations from various fields to join the committee, support public awareness campaigns with the media, and establish an adult support system, such as mentorship.
The committee is interested in utilizing a pardon and parole board and involving juvenile justice representatives in its deliberations. It will observe how the Emory Barton School of Law rewrites the juvenile justice bill.
In order to foster and maintain a healthy network of stakeholders who support the overall mission of the partnership, the committee emphasizes proper working norms. It will conduct ongoing training with each member expected to uphold principle-centered leadership, respect, openness, honesty, and other virtues. Each of the activities initiated by the committee will also integrate these principles as part of the “PeaceBuilders” program to cultivate a positive culture.

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